Scottish beaver reintroduction photographs first babies in 400 years

Footage has been released of the first baby beaver to be spotted this year at a Scottish site where the animals have been reintroduced.

It is the first young beaver – known as a kit – to be captured on camera this year at the site at Lochan Buic in the Knapdale Forest of Argyll, in the Scottish Highlands, though wildlife experts suspect there may be more.

The beaver trial is the first licensed reintroduction of a mammal to the UK and has brought the creature back to Scotland after a 400-year absence.

The reintroduction of beavers to the wild in Scotland for the first time in 400 years has been an “outstanding success”, according to the team of ecologists that brought them back.

The four pairs of beavers reintroduced in Knapdale five years ago have produced 14 young, engineered 18-metre-long dams and lodges the size of double garages and significantly boosted tourism.

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