Secret garden is restored at Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater

For three years, Eric Kobal has been leading tours of the 79-year-old house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann department store family. It’s in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, and was completed in 1939.

In October he began a special project as a landscape volunteer.

The house’s “secret garden” was in bad shape after a recent construction project on the house. Workers had trampled some of the few plants that had managed to limp along over the last several years. “It was missing something,” Mr. Kobal said, “It had serious drainage issues.

Nothing grew well, and when he took a close look at the planter all he saw was water, mud, soil and lots of large rocks.

His goal was to bring the space back to its former glory.

While it’s not on the guided tour, he said visitors can request to see the secret garden.

I think it just speaks to the site,” he said. “Seeing this, they understand Fallingwater, they understand the grounds. it’s a microcosm of the site.

See original article & photo credit in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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