See current Requests For Proposals and Qualifications (RFPs and RFQs) from the Albany County Land Bank in New York State

In New York State, the Albany County Land Bank acquires tax-foreclosed, vacant, or abandoned properties throughout Albany County and disposes of them to responsible buyers through an application process that includes multi-layered review. All property sales are approved by the Land Bank’s Board of Directors. Properties purchased from the Land Bank typically require rehabilitation which is the responsibility of the buyer.

As part of the Land Bank’s property purchase application, buyers are required to provide a scope of work, proposed budget, and rehabilitation timeline. Land Bank staff reviews these aspects of the application to ensure that the Buyer has a fundamental understanding of the level of rehabilitation, time frame and associated costs needed to rehabilitate vacant and abandoned properties in order to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for the Land Bank’s mission, the buyer, and the community.

The page below displays current Requests For Proposals / Qualifications (RFPs and RFQs) from the Albany County (NY) Land Bank.

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See current RFPs & RFQs of the Albany County (NY) Land Bank.

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