Shanghai is greening, pedestrianizing, and reconnecting its revitalized riverfront

A revitalized 8.3-kilometer-long public area along Shanghai’s Huangpu River bank that connects the Bund, the South Bund and the former World Expo park in the Puxi area will be completed by the middle of 2017.

The former Expo park in Puxi between the Nanpu and Lupu bridges will feature cycling tracks and pedestrian paths. A grass music square will be constructed, and a former shipyard will be converted into a sports area for children.

A beach sports area will be created where a dock once stood, and a former pier will become an urban fashion space with a yachting culture theme.

A landscaped park facing the Huangpu River in the South Bund will connect the river banks between the south and north with a pedestrian corridor.

Three ferry stations will be upgraded and a water bus pier will be created.

Public space under the Nanpu Bridge will be turned into the Miaojiang Road public green area, and a wooden path will link it with an area by the Lupu Bridge.

A pedestrian bridge will be built to connect land in the Rihui Port area.

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