WEF’s conference on Shaping an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Recovery – Geneva, Switzerland – September 20-23, 2021

The World Economic Forum’s annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit will take place on September 20-23, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. This year’s event will focus strongly on inclusively revitalizing economies.

Taking place in the context of the United Nations General Assembly, the summit convenes under the theme Shaping an Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery.

It will welcome almost all leaders from government, business and civil society who will work together to drive action and build momentum for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The meeting will examine four interdependent areas and bring together communities of purpose to advance ongoing project work. Impact sessions, and briefings will focus on:

  • Revitalizing economies
  • Advancing an inclusive recovery
  • Scaling up climate action
  • Shaping future food systems

Leaders from civil society are crucial stakeholders at Forum events – they bring unique perspectives and expertise to drive changes. Cultural influencers, philosophers, artists, scientists, and academics will participate throughout the week.

Cross-disciplinary leaders from the Forum’s Global Future Councils, the world’s foremost knowledge network, as well as youth voices from the Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders, Technology Pioneers and UpLink communities will also play active roles.

Members of the media who sign up as reporting press will have access to issue briefings and media sessions, networking opportunities with senior executives and global innovators, and embargoed reports and company announcements. Closer to the meeting dates, registered media will receive a confirmation package with meeting related updates and embargoed materials.

Here are some of the sessions and issues that will be advanced at the summit:

  • Global Implications of the European Green Recovery
  • Tackling Inequality in a Decade of Action
  • Women’s Leadership in Times of Crisis
  • Trade for Tomorrow
  • Financing the Net-Zero Future
  • The Future of Manufacturing by 2030
  • Scaling Africa’s Digital Transformation
  • Breaking Silos to Achieve Food and Climate Security

Photo of Geneva, Switzerland by ChiemSeherin from Pixabay.

Learn more and register here.

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