Successful Neighborhood Revitalization Acquisition & Demolition Program adds $2 million to renew Wisconsin county’s housing

In Wisconsin, La Crosse County is expanding a successful neighborhood revitalization program that pays grants to homeowners and developers to tear down deteriorating housing and build new housing in its place.

Launched in 2016, the Neighborhood Revitalization Acquisition & Demolition Grant Program has turned $1.3 million in grant funding into over $30 million of new tax base and 263 housing units.

Originally, the program was only available in certain La Crosse neighborhoods.

It is now being expanded countywide with $2 million of American Rescue Plan Act funding.

This has been an incredibly successful program that has revitalized the neighborhoods we focused on in La Crosse, turning blighted housing into family homes,” said La Crosse County Community Development Manager Brian Fukuda.

We are excited to now be able to offer the program in neighborhoods across La Crosse County,” he added.

The program pays grants of up to $50,000 for a single house or up to $100,000 for multi-unit projects.

In collaboration with the City of La Crosse, the program had been focused on the Powell-Poage-Hamilton, Washburn, and Lower Northside and Depot neighborhoods.

Positive ripple effects have been seen in each of those neighborhoods.

This is a program that helps families access good housing, revitalizes neighborhoods, and grows the tax base,” said La Crosse County Chair Monica Kruse.

I don’t think we could get a better bang for our buck than that,” she added.

Kruse encouraged potential applicants to get in touch with the county to get any questions they have answered or for assistance with the application process.

We are looking forward to putting this new funding to work across La Crosse County as soon as we can,” she continued.

The success of the program encouraged the La Crosse County Board to approve expanding it to all parts of the county last month.

Photo of Hamilton College campus in La Crosse courtesy of Hamilton College.

Learn more about the Neighborhood Revitalization Acquisition & Demolition Grant Program.

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