Social entrepreneur sponsors restoration of 100 hectares of Japan’s coastal forest

Gomif Partners (Gomif) Cyber Startup Workshop is coming to Tokyo, Japan. Socialpreneur and investor Tey Por Yee took part in the sponsorship to Restore 100 Hectares of the Miyagi Coastal Forest as part of the Socialpreneurship corporate social responsibility (CSR) demonstration on the workshop.

The program co-advisor, Tey Por Yee (Larry), demonstrated the ease of contributing back to society by using the Internet. Larry showed the crowd how a socialpreneur could donate to a program in Japan, from anywhere, anytime, around the world.

The project will restore 100 hectares of the Coast Forest in Miyagi Prefecture, which was uprooted by the March 11 Tohoku Tsunami. Thirty Natori City agricultural victims are given job opportunities to learn how to raise 500,000 Black Pine seedlings to reforest the coast to create a natural shield from destructive salty winds and sand storms.

3,600 hectare coastal forests in Tohoku Region were uprooted and wiped out during the March 11 disaster. More than half of it was in Miyagi Prefecture including the 400 year-old forest in Natori City. Without the forest, the locals became vulnerable and exposed to strong winds, salt damage and wind-blown sand. The farmers cannot produce good quality of vegetables, hence, affecting their income. Still recovering from the disaster, they do not have the means to reforest the five km coastal area.

The project will work with the local victims, government officials, forest experts and private and public companies to reforest the 100 hectare damaged coastal area in Natori City in 10 years. It will provide 30 tsunami agricultural victims jobs in raising 500,000 black pine and broad leaf seedlings as reforestation materials. It will mobilize people through on-site project tours and symposiums to be the core volunteer leaders of the project.

The program is organized by OISCA International of Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

About Gomif Partners
Gomif Partners (GP) is an early stage investment advisory network joint lead by socialpreneur Larry Tey Por Yee and several private venture partners. GP’s investors invest in and work with information technology companies at any stage but they are primarily focused on seed and early stage investments. GP is interested in socially responsible business models, especially renewable, retail, manufacturing, software, and services surrounding this concept.

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