VIDEO: South Dakota bison rancher has been restoring soil and biodiversity for 30 years

The 777 Bison Ranch near Hermosa, South Dakota has 1800 bison that are run on a regenerative ranching technique called “rotational grazing” through 25 different pastures during the growing and non-growing seasons.

One of our biggest goals is how do we preserve the integrity of buffalo and bring back diversity in the grasses so we’ve been using the buffalo as a tool to help regenerate the prairie,” said 777 Bison Ranch Owner Mimi Hillenbrand.

Bringing in more plants, and building soil, we are able to take in more carbon, which helps lower the CO2 emissions that are being put into the air. We’re trying to do our part to help climate change,” said Hillenbrand.

777 Bison Ranch has recently conducted a study to see just how much top soil has been built over 30 years, as well as the exact amount of carbon that’s been sequestered.

Watch 2 1/2-minute new video.

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