Bipartisan $1.5 billion to renovate state’s transportation infrastructure, revitalize cities & grow “restoration economy” jobs

On March 11, 2021, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation announced that a revitalizing third $250 million investment is being made in counties, municipalities and townships to renovate their transportation infrastructure as part of the historic, bipartisan Rebuild Illinois capital program.

A total of $1.5 billion spread out in six installments is being invested over three years to advance municipal, township and county projects across the state. Projects, which will be selected and managed locally with financial oversight by IDOT, include road and bridge improvements, traffic signal upgrades, new storm sewers and bike paths, sidewalk replacements and other long-term maintenance needs.

We live in an incredible state with unlimited potential,” said Rep. Jeff Keicher (R-Sycamore). “We can realize the dreams of generations if we work together on platforms for success like this. We can and will put Illinois on a path to a prosperous tomorrow with our hard work today.

The funding ensures the continued investment in renovating local infrastructure to improve safety, enhance quality of life and help revitalize the economy across the state, by rebuilding Illinois communities and putting people to work in restoration economy jobs.

While I’m proud of the transformation of our interstate highways Rebuild Illinois is rebuilding, it’s local projects that are rejuvenating our communities in ways our people deserve – that’s why Rebuild Illinois set aside $1.5 billion for municipal and county projects. What’s more, funding from Rebuild Illinois allows local governments to reallocate precious dollars for other parts of the community. And with the strain on local budgets because of the pandemic, that means critical savings for local governments and taxpayers,” said Pritzker.

That’s why today, I’m proud to announce the third $250 million installment of funding for counties, municipalities and townships to address their transportation needs as part of the Rebuild Illinois capital program. With these new funds, we can help build up our local infrastructure in every corner of Illinois – spurring more local jobs and economic development across the state,” he added.

The funding is in addition to the regular contributions through the state’s motor fuel tax formula, which already account for $567 million to local governments in this fiscal year alone.

Because of the governor’s leadership and the vision of the General Assembly, Rebuild Illinois has provided a much-needed boost to our local government partners during these challenging times,” said Acting Transportation Secretary Omer Osman. “The responsibility of being the country’s transportation hub means having safe, reliable infrastructure in our cities, neighborhoods and rural areas – this funding will go a long way toward meeting that goal.

Passed in 2019, Rebuild Illinois is investing $33.2 billion into the state’s aging transportation system, creating jobs and promoting economic growth. The landmark capital program is not only the largest capital program in state history, but also the first one that touches all modes of transportation: roads and bridges, transit, waterways, freight and passenger rail, aviation, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Access to a robust transportation network makes it possible for new jobs and projects to come to cities and towns across Illinois. Today’s investment is made possible by a historic capital bill that provided new transportation funding and made Illinois more economically competitive. We’re already seeing many positive results from that legislation here in DeKalb County,” said Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon).

As part of its current FY2021-26 Proposed Highway Improvement Program, IDOT is investing a total of $21.3 billion to improve roads and bridges. Of that, $4.7 billion is identified for the local transportation system.

Photo of bridge over Chicago River by Day_Photo from Pixabay.

See complete list of local agencies and awards. (PDF)

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