Storm Cunningham live interview: Evidence-Based Optimism about world’s future

On Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 9am EDT, REVITALIZATION publisher Storm Cunningham will be interviewed on a live on BlogTalk Radio by Merry Hall of Envision This Media.


ENVISION THIS: A path to revitalizing our economy, restoring our environment, and renewing the quality of our lives.

Storm Cunningham’s role as an author, speaker, consultant, and magazine publisher is to inspire evidence-based optimism about the future of our world, based on the growth of projects, programs, disciplines, and technologies that revitalize communities, restore natural resources, and boost economic/social resilience. His online paper, REVITALIZATION, is a resource for regenerative leaders, entrepreneurs, and students. George Ochs, Managing Director of JP Morgan, commends him as an author and event keynoter, “Storm Cunningham is the world’s thought leader on community revitalization and natural resource restoration.”

Storm inspires confidence in the future of our planet and its communities. He is a consultant and workshop leader on community revitalization, economic resilience, and natural resource restoration. His clients include national and local governments, universities, and non-profits in dozens of countries. He teaches “Adaptive Renewal” as the path to resilient prosperity.

Storm Cunningham’s third book, Revitalizing Careers: Discover the Joy of Reviving Cities, Farmlands, & Nature for a Living, will be published in November, 2017.

See Envision This website.

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