The rapid, surprising revitalization of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cambodia is currently attempting an image overhaul. Saddled by its painful history of the Khmer Rouge, this small South East Asian country is pushing to reinvent itself as the go-to destination for both tourists and property investors.

In recent years, its capital, Phnom Penh, has undergone a development boom. The once skyscraper-less city now has new buildings dotting the skyline, as well as numerous malls planned for the coming years.

Phnom Penh is slowly emerging as an attractive destination for visitors interested in a modernity interspersed with flashes of its retro Khmer architecture.

An influx of redevelopment support by the United Nations and a plethora of NGOs is complimented by private investmente many investors, such as in the manufacturing and agricultural industries, that see Cambodia as a low-cost alternative to expanding their business.

All this may seem unexpected for a country that up until recently was classified by the World Bank as a low-income territory. But for the thousands of expats living in Phnom Penh, the room for dizzying growth comes as no surprise: the city has a great openness to new ventures.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

See full BBC article by Dene-Hern Chen.

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