SustRem 2016: Sustainable Remediation Forum, April 26-28, 2016 Montreal, Québec

The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) builds on the successes of the first three SustRem events, held in Copenhagen, Vienna and Ferrera, and will bring participants and speakers to North America for the first time at the Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, 1201 Boulevard Rene-Levesque West, Montreal, Québec, Canada.

The 2016 SustRem Conference aims to stimulate international exchange by providing a venue for professionals and interested parties from multiple backgrounds to share experiences and perspectives on how contaminated sites can be remediated with a lower environmental footprint, and how their reuse can contribute to a more sustainable land development.

Not one event, but two!
SuRF Canada has partnered with the Real Property Institute of Canada (RPIC) to hold the SustRem Conference in conjunction with the 2016 RPIC Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop (FCSNW). The RPIC FCSNW is the leading professional development workshop for Canadian environmental professionals involved in the management and remediation of federal contaminated sites. This program will offer opportunities to learn about technical, operational and organizational challenges to the effective management and remediation of federal contaminated sites, as well as new approaches and techniques to address them.


  • Sustainability Indicators and Metrics Measurement and characterization of social, economic and environmental benefits and impacts, including social life cycle analysis.
  • Stakeholder and/or Aboriginal Engagement Stakeholder and/or Aboriginal involvement and participative approaches.
  • Resource conservation through limiting resources used upstream and through waste and/or material re-use approaches to reduce footprint.
  • Sustainable Brownfield Redevelopment: Improvement of the property end-use, positive influence on local communities and reducing the use of greenfields and urban sprawl.
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Benchmarking Stakeholders are becoming more critical of corporate sustainability measures and environmental disclosure. How are organizations measuring and disclosing their
    sustainable remediation improvements and/or overall sustainability reporting?
  • Education and Research in the Field of Sustainable Remediation Innovation in technologies, methodologies and tools pertaining to all aspects of sustainable remediation.
  • International Regulatory Frameworks International approaches to the incorporation of sustainable remediation practices within policies, standards, guidelines and regulations.

See event website.

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