Swedes propose repurposing historic bridge as a linear park, funded by luxury housing

By now, most REVITALIZATION readers know that Manhattan‘s High Line Park is the world’s most economically revitalizing example of the 3Re Strategy (repurpose, renew, reconnect) in action.

The bridge as it looks today.

Now, a group of architects in Sweden have proposed going the highline one better. They too will repurpose and renew antiquated elevated transportation infrastructure into a linear park.

But they have brilliantly proposed financing the undertaking by incorporating 50 high-end apartments into the structure.

The Old Lidingö Bridge is one of Stockholm’s most beautiful bridges. Built between 1917 and 1925 it’s lattice structure resembles the Eiffel Tower and features an arched steel truss that begins the connection between Stockholm and the island of Lidingö.

Proposed new bridge & repurposed old bridge.

The bridge had long been in a state of disrepair, and the local council decided to demolish it, citing the high costs of repair as a key reason.

Based in Stockholm, the owners of Urban Nouveau, a full-process urban development firm, had crossed the bridge innumerable times since they were kids.

As adults, they walked the bridge over 500 times per year to and from work. They fell in love with its striking steel arch, its tranquil waterside location and beautiful west facing views, and decided that the much-loved structure must be saved.

Their love and architectural understanding of the bridge inspired us to come up with a proposal for saving the Old Lidingö Bridge from demolition.

Their clever plan is to build 50 premium west-facing apartments inside the structure of the bridge.

They would also create a pedestrian park—in the vein of the Highline—on the bridge above the apartments.

The project would create a revitalizing social and ecological pedestrian connection between Stockholm and Lidingö, and resolve the challenge of tram and cycle lanes. In the process, it would save the local council some SEK 113 Mnkr (€11 million).

All images courtesy of Urban Nouveau.

See Urban Nouveau website.

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