Disaster Resilience: Comparing Joplin’s post-tornado success to Sandy’s failures

The 23-minute audio (not video) discussion compares the post-tornado recover of Joplin, Missouri with the post-hurricane-Sandy recovery of the northeast U.S. Atlantic coast.

The rebuilding of Joplin after a devastating tornado struck in 2011 was generally applauded as a textbook example of how to take care of people when disaster hits.

However, homeowners and businesses on the East Coast are still struggling in the aftermath of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.


  • Troy Bolander is the director of Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services for Joplin.
  • Thomas Corley is executive director of Friends of Rockaway, and has worked in Joplin and Rockaway, New York, through St. Bernard Project.
  • Rob O’Brian is the president and the lead economic development official for the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

Photo of Joplin tornado damage: National Weather Service

Listen to panel discussion.

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