Rebirth of historic Johnson City, TN downtown brings enthusiasm & activity

The Johnson City, Tennessee public works department and the economic development council are teaming up to bring downtown back to its former glory, thanks to one key ingredient.

Director of Public Works for Johnson City, Phil Pindzola said, “The enthusiasm in the community is just overwhelming. With all the energy that’s occurring and with all the new business that’s coming in- now we’re starting to see the owners actually going in and bringing back the original facades”.

Summers and other downtown property owners are putting forth the effort to revitalize many of the original buildings, which means giving these buildings a facelift by highlighting their heritage and character.

Summers said, “the vibe down here is really great- you see so many more people out walking around, either during the day or at night, going to the restaurants and seeing so many more buildings being put to use– I think it’s great.

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