Downtown revitalization makes Oklahoma City a “must see” place

Who knew? National Geographic recently named Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as one of the world’s must-see places in 2015. It’s not a surprise to locals. Oklahoma City offers more than its downtown to boost it into an elite list of cities – it’s the number and diversity of districts that make up OKC.

OKC has several well-established districts, including Bricktown and the Central Business District. These continue to see development, with Brickopolis in Bricktown opening in spring of this year and Project 180 renovations downtown making progress.

Midtown has proven a great success by developing overlooked, dilapidated buildings into one of Oklahoma’s premier nightlife districts.

In the past two years, Midtown has seen the addition of mixed-use residential and retail development, the renovation of a historic hotel, and the opening of Dust Bowl bowling alley, Fassler Hall and Oklahoma’s only food truck park, Bleu Garten.
[image credit: Elliott Associates]

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