The 22nd Urban Future conference will be held in-person in Helsingborg, Sweden on June 1-3, 2022

Urban change-makers meet in-person at the 22nd Urban Future (UF22) conference in Helsingborg, Sweden on June 1-3, 2022.

Say “hi” to this mid-sized city in Sweden, which is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing cities in Europe.

There are some 1000 cities in Europe with fewer than 350,000 citizens. Smaller cities have unique challenges but at the same time, often provide unique opportunities. UF22 is all about those smaller cities and how passionately they drive sustainable change across the continent.

UF22 is for their leadership and for all the amazing people driving these transformations.

UF22 is held in Helsingborg for a reason! It is among the most innovative cities in Europe and has undergone a radical transformation that’s been unheard of.

Helsingborg has embarked on a journey to radically transform itself, the way it is managed, how it interacts with citizens and businesses, and most importantly, how it innovates to solve the city’s biggest challenges.

See the Urban Future website.

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