The Sonoran Institute restores, renews, and reconnects the Colorado River

Since 1960, the Colorado River has not regularly flowed to the sea, causing its delta to gradually wither to less than 10% of its original size.

And yet, after more than fifteen years of building partnerships across borders, collaborative research, and pilot restoration projects, a new vision for the Colorado River Delta has arisen from the remains of a devastated ecosystem.

The Sonoran Institute’s Colorado River Delta Program is leading efforts to:

  1. Restore marsh, riparian, and estuarine habitat in the Delta through on-the-ground restoration projects.
  2. Renew individual and community relationships with the river and promote long-term stewardship through community engagement; and
  3. Reconnect the Colorado River with the sea by developing innovative mechanisms to secure water for the Delta.

Now, more than ever, our vision to restore life to the Delta is within reach.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to restore this globally significant ecosystem for the benefit of wildlife, communities, and economies in the region.

Read more about the Sonoran Institute and how you can get involved in restoring the Delta.

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