The Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed company adopts regenerative agriculture to restore grasslands, topsoil, watersheds and climate

The company Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed has been providing 100% grass-fed beef since 2003. They are now combining regenerative agriculture and holistic management, in the hope of advance the movement.

Being 3rd-party certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA), they have now gained approval to add statements on their label noting the benefits of regenerative agriculture, such as rebuilding topsoil, sequestering carbon (to help restore our climate), restoring watersheds, and re-establishing grasslands.

In addition, Thousand Hills is the premier member of Regenerative Rewards™, a B2B retailer rewards program. This new program enhances and improves retailers’ business with a regenerative platform. The program model is easy: 1) purchase, 2) submit and 3) redeem. Purchase qualifying products from Regenerative Rewards member manufacturers, submit your purchase verification and redeem your points for rewards to support your retail operation.

By purchasing eligible branded products from Member Manufacturers, points earned are redeemed rewards. There is no charge to the retailer, and it is very easy to participate.

Regenerative Rewards is owned and operated by RealTime Solutions, an organization that has been producing B2B rewards programs for the foodservice segment since 1997.

The Regenerative Rewards platform hopes to bring together companies reflecting regenerative practices while strengthening and regenerating our food system.

Thousand Hills is launching their re-designed regenerative label on all of their 50+ case ready products. They use regenerative agriculture practices to holistically manage their land and animals. They do not allow confinement feeding, grain, grain by-products or GMO plants. Their stated mission is to nourish soil, plants, cattle and people by holistically grazing cattle for their lifetime.

As documented here in REVITALIZATION, on Earth Day (April 22) of 2019, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed launched its Be the Re-Generation™ campaign Earth Week 2019, encouraging everyone to support regenerative agriculture practices with their food choices, to solve today’s biggest food and environmental challenges.

Regenerative agriculture is a broad set of holistic land management and grazing practices that build soil health, reduce erosion and runoff, increase biodiversity, maximize photosynthesis, sequester carbon, re-establish diverse grasslands, benefit pollinators and wildlife, eliminates dependence on chemical herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, improves nutrient density in meat, while benefiting rural economies.

Photo of Maier family on their farm in Clearwater, Minnesota courtesy of Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed.

See Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed website.

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