This new, free “Equitable Transitions Guidebook” helps communities change and revitalize in a more fair, inclusive manner

To support fair and inclusive urban revitalization and other transitions (such as resilience initiatives), Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) collaborated with cities from different world regions under the Urban Transitions Alliance project to create a methodology that allows mapping the social equity outcomes of local sustainability plans across three dimensions: access, participation and opportunity.

For each dimension, tools and recommendations for action were identified, as well as indicators to monitor progress and best practices from cities of the ICLEI network to learn from.

An initial version of this methodology was tested with the city of Turku, Finland as part of the Circular Turku project.

This new guidebook provides insights and recommendations illustrated with best practices, resources and tools for city practitioners to better understand and unpack what social equity means for sustainability programs at the local level.

Download free Equitable Transitions Guidebook (PDF).

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