This tree-rich, LEED-certified redevelopment project hopes to revitalize an entire region near Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

The official May 2020 opening of the Arboleda urban village of offices, apartments and retail shops promises to help revitalize the Valle de Campestre region in northeastern México.

The Arboleda (“tree grove”) mixed-use complex in San Pedro Garza García is located in the metropolitan area of Monterrey in state of Nuevo León, and covers over 107,000 m2 (almost 27 acres).

True to its name, the offices, apartments and villas, restaurants and shopping mall are arrayed around a central, tree-lined park (6,000 m2/1.5 acres). Hundreds of mature trees, some a century old, were moved from the site prior to construction and replanted after completion of the project.

The distinctive architectural design was created by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, an international architectural firm renowned for some of the world’s tallest buildings and other urban landmarks.

Creating a Green and Durable Place

Penetron crystalline technology was specified to ensure the resilience and durability for the extensive below-grade concrete structures.

The landscaped park in the middle of Arboleda provides a point of connection between the commercial areas, the offices and the residential areas,” says Alejandro Muciño, the Managing Director of Penetron Mexico.

The architects designed to U.S. building codes, implementing sustainable design strategies and construction processes to best comply with International Building Code and LEED Certification guidelines,” he added.

“La Nube” comprises two 12-floor office towers, home to over a dozen international firms, that face the central park and penthouse buildings. The adjacent 71 Arboleda apartments were designed by KMD, an international architectural firm, and the residential units are available as 2-4-bedroom units ranging from 165-780 m2 (1,800-8,600-feet2) in size. The residential buildings include common areas, a bar, teens & kids’ rooms, and a fitness center.

The project contractor, Grupo Aldesa, asked Penetron México to advise on the best waterproofing solution for the massive concrete structures,” continued Muciño. “The first phase included Arboleda’s underground parking garage and the three drinking water reservoirs, each with 1,500 m3 capacity.

Withstanding Hydrostatic Pressure

PENETRON ADMIX was specified as the most efficient and economic permeability-reducing concrete admixture for the Arboleda complex. The admixture provides comprehensive protection against concrete deterioration caused by chemical attack, freeze-thaw cycles and corrosion, while withstanding hydrostatic pressure encountered at the construction site in San Pedro Garza García.

CEMEX Concretos, the ready-mix supplier, added PENETRON ADMIX to about 20,000 m3 of concrete during batching. Further, PENEBAR SW-45, an expandable waterstop, was used to seal all below-grade construction joints.

ODG, the developer, has created a safe and green environment for work and home with the Arboleda project,” concludes Muciño. “And Penetron has ensured this concrete foundation will endure for many decades.

Images courtesy of OJB Landscape Architecture.

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