How retrofitting Toronto’s 2000 towers could revitalize climate & neighborhoods

In June of 2016, the Toronto Atmospheric Fund launched the TowerWise Retrofit Project The seven towers they are providing with energy efficiency retrofits is a demonstration project that they hope will lead to an expanded program for the city’s approximately 2000 residential towers.

Their holistic approach focuses on physical, social and economic infrastructure improvements to build safer, stronger and healthier neighbourhoods while significantly enhancing the quality of life for the residents.

Earlier, in January of 2015, the City of Toronto‘s Social Development, Finance and Administration restructured and created a new Tower and Neighbourhood Revitalization Unit with a greater focus on partner collaboration and implementation of Tower Renewal and Community Revitalization mandates.

It’s now a permanent City program that will drive broad environmental, social, economic, and cultural change by improving Toronto’s concrete apartment towers and revitalizing the neighbourhoods that surround them.

See Towerwise Retrofit Project website.

Watch 4 1/2-minute Towerwise Retrofit Project video.

See the city’s Tower & Neighbourhood Revitalization website & photo credit.

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