Tribe, business & government team up to restore fire-damaged Saskatchewan park

TenTree is excited to announce a new rehabilitation project in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park in partnership with the provincial government.

Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty says if you’re looking at the impact of the fire, “there’s two ways of looking at it. It is a boreal forest, the fire’s actually very healthy for it, and the forest will regenerate naturally. However, within the campground, we wanted to plant some trees as well“.

But, looking at it as a park, rather than as a forest, visitors will benefit if the trees around the campsites are restored sooner, rather than later.

With tentree‘s support, the Lac La Ronge Indian Band is replanting the dense boreal forest around the campgrounds at Wadin Bay and Nemeiben Lake, an area where substantial tree cover and several cabins fell victim to the devastation.

At tentree, we’re focused on more than just planting 10 trees for every item of clothing we sell. We also want to help change lives. This reforestation project will help to revitalize ravaged soil, and provide a new oxygen supply and a place for wildlife to flourish. It will also directly benefit locals and campers by bringing one of Saskatchewan’s largest provincial parks back to its delicate beauty.

Docherty says progress is moving on rebuilding the cabins, and in fact, some of the cabins are available for rent this summer.

Photo credit: Scott Knudsen

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