Turkey’s first historic neighborhood revitalization nearly complete in Istanbul

Istanbul‘s new attraction center, combining the old and the modern, the Tarlabaşı 360 project’s first phase will be finished in early 2017.

Turkey‘s first urban renewal project, Tarlabaşı 360 is finally nearing completion. Çalık Real Estate Executive Board member Feyzullah Yetgin said results will be made early in 2017.

Tarlabaşı 360 is Turkey’s first urban renewal project. Tarlabaşı is a neighbourhood in the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, stretching from Taksim Square and Talimhane in the north to Tepebaşı in the south.

Constructed with great effort, the project is coming to life in the heart of Istanbul and is being handled with extreme delicacy. They are not just building conventional offices and residences in Tarlabaşı, but are also trying to bring a nearly extinct history back to life and bring back an alive-but-forgotten treasure in Istanbul in the most modern and preserved way possible.

The biggest feature of Tarlabaşı 360 is the renovation of all the structures by preserving historical texture and cultural values.

While historical buildings within the project are renovated, other structures are being handled according to their original design with a modern architectural interpretation.

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