The U.S. Forest Service’s little-known Reforestation Partnerships

The U.S. Forest Management has national agreements in place with conservation organizations to work together to improve or protect watersheds on National Forest System lands and on adjacent lands affected by catastrophic and/or natural events, such as wildfire and insect and disease outbreaks.

Our partners have contributed millions of dollars in reforestation funds that are used for watershed restoration, post-fire restoration, forest health restoration, wildlife habitat restoration, carbon sequestration, and recreation projects.

Together with our partners, we successfully reforest our lands and rehabilitate wildlife habitat for threatened, endangered and sensitive species. Partner contributions allow us to extend the work that we can accomplish with current reforestation funding levels.

For decades, financial support from external parties has enhanced the Agency’s ability to reforest and restore landscapes across the United States:

See Reforestation Partnerships web page & photo credit.

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