UK adds £32 million to its £140 million public housing regeneration program

On December 8, 2016, the UK government announced that it will infuse its flagship public housing (“estates”) regeneration program with an additional £32 million.

A new government strategy and additional funding has been launched by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to “breathe new life” into rundown estates – a task which includes the creation of well-designed public spaces to improve local neighborhoods.

As part of a new blueprint for regenerating deprived housing estates, an additional £32 million of new funding is now available, along with £140 million from the estate regeneration fund.

Councils, housing associations and developers can now bid for a share of the £172 million of government investment to revitalize neighborhoods and deliver higher-quality housing.

Photo of Aylesbury Estate by Mkimemia via Wikipedia.

See full article in Horticulture Week.

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