Undergraduate degree in Ecological Restoration (Ontario, Canada)

Become a leader in the Science of Hope. Make your stand in the green revolution by helping to restore our natural environment for present and future generations.

The collaborative Ecological Restoration program developed by Trent University and Fleming College provides a bold and innovative solution to this challenge. The program:

  • Is interdisciplinary with a foundation of science-based curriculum.
  • Is broad-based so that you will develop an understanding of the big picture – and comprehend ecological principles that can be transferred to any ecosystem and adapted to any project.
  • Was designed to improve traditional college students’ access to a university degree.
  • Is integrated to combine applied learning, field skills and experience with theoretical and scientific knowledge and principles from day one.
  • Provides opportunities for field camps, field courses and a capstone course.
  • Encourages and supports students who seek out internships and international opportunities.
  • Offers a unique combination of college and university cultures – the best of both worlds.

Through the collaboration between Trent and Fleming, faculty, teaching, field study courses, applied projects and resources are shared over the four years of the program.

  • This integrated introduction to both academic cultures will prepare you for the transition from Fleming to Trent.
  • The program is carefully designed so that you will truly understand the connections, relevance and fit between courses in the program of study.
  • Both institutions are renowned for their environmental focus and commitment to providing support for students to achieve success.

You will begin this adventure by spending two years at Fleming College’s School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences in Lindsay. This School has a 40-year history of preparing graduates for employment in the environmental sector. Here, you will build on your science, math and communications skills while also practicing ecological restoration through field courses and project work.

Your next two years will be at Trent University in Peterborough, home to one of the first environmental programs to be established in Canada. At Trent, you can choose to either build towards a specialization, or continue to balance theory and practice in a more broad-based degree program.

Since this is an innovative diploma/degree model that infuses elements of both the college and university experience throughout the four-year years, you will not obtain your college diploma at the completion of your two years at Fleming College. Instead, you will graduate at the end of four years with both your Ecological Restoration Technician college diploma and university degree in Ecological Restoration. (The distance between Fleming College’s campus in Lindsay and Trent University in Peterborough is 45 kilometres, or about a 45-minute drive.)

See course website.

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