University of Dayton expands via brownfield redevelopment

This 2009 New York Times article describes how the University of Dayton expanded its campus by buying, cleaning-up, and redeveloping the former world headquarters of the NCR Corporation.

This brilliant project helped fill the social and economic void left by Dayton’s loss of its sole Fortune 500 company. It was a continuation of the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund project to clean up the former NCR property.

Daniel J. Curran, university president, said he hoped the acquisition would help the city, both in terms of economic development and psychologically.

“What could have been a symbol of decline becomes a symbol of forward thinking and revitalization,” Mr. Curran said.

Brownfields redevelopment is an expansion tactic used by too few universities.

Do you know of another school that has added to its campus by renewing old buildings or industrial sites? Please share in the Comments section below. [photo credit: Dayton Daily News]

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