Urban couple returns to roots to join the digital revitalization of rural Ireland

Donegal, Ireland natives Séamus McHugh and Niamh Walsh knew the time was fast-approaching when they would have to make perhaps the most important decision they had faced as a married couple.

They had two small children who would soon be putting down their own childhood roots in urban Dublin, but wondered should they stay in the capital or escape back to a quieter life, and their families, in the rural northwest.

In October of 2016, both Séamus (38) and Niamh (35) decided to approach their respective employers to examine the possibility of working remotely from Donegal. To their delight, both companies agreed.

Access to fibre broadband was a must, so they are part of a group who are in the process of setting up a digital hub that will help attract more remote workers, further revitalizing the local economy.

Photo of downtown Donegal town by Textman via Dutch Wikipedia.

See full article by Stephen Maguire in The Irish Times.

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