Urban Regenerative Farming workshop – October 20-22 2017 – Pomona, California

Master the Art of Urban Regenerative Farming is a 3-Day Regenerative Urban Farming Workshop with Farmer Rishi Kumar. It takes place October 20-22, 2017 at Sarvodaya Farms in Pomona, California.

This Regenerative Urban Farming Course won’t just be full of valuable information and training in urban farm skills and resources, it will also provide a whole host of take-home items to help you start your farm off right. Here is just a small sampling of the valuable tools, designs, and software being included:

  • Farmzio Farm Management Software: Track seeds being planted, nursery seedlings, bed plantings, harvests, fertilization and more! The result of 3 years of experience based development on our farm.
  • Farm Layout and Plans: How to best organize the system on your farm e.g. placing your processing shed, tool shed, beds, nursery, fruit trees, etc.
  • Material Sourcing: Where to buy all materials your farm needs from fertilizers to seeds to irrigation materials.
  • Irrigation Layout and Plans: How to setup and install an efficient and effective irrigation system from valves to drip to timer.
  • Planting Schedule: When to start what seeds, transplant windows and expected harvest windows. Plan your crops with this schedule.

And more! We are working hard to create a complete, holistic curriculum to get you started on your regenerative farm.

Kiss The Ground is a non-profit organization working to restore soils worldwide by promoting and developing models that accelerate the adoption of regenerative agriculture.

One of the earliest descriptions of regenerative agriculture (then called restorative agriculture) was a chapter in Storm Cunningham‘s 2002 book, The Restoration Economy.

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See Kiss The Ground website.

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