Vacant, Abandoned & Deteriorated Properties Training Academy – Hartford – Nov. 6-7, 2017

Vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties are a major problem in communities around the country. In some places, population loss has led to property abandonment, while in others, speculators are buying up and operating substandard or illegal rental units, or broken property tax enforcement systems are contributing to decline. Many communities face a combination of these and other challenges.

When it comes to developing – or strengthening – a comprehensive strategy to tackle those properties, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So many different departments, organizations, and other stakeholders are involved, and they don’t always speak the same language or meet regularly. The systems involved, like code enforcement or rental regulation, are complicated. The way those systems interact with each other is nuanced and complex. While data-informed decision-making is often the goal, important data about neighborhood conditions is typically found across many different entities, and isn’t aggregated or even comparable. And underlying all stabilization and revitalization efforts, tight municipal budgets constrain every community’s options.

The VAD Academy – short for Vacant, Abandoned, and Deteriorated Properties Training Academy – is a two-day “boot camp” for public, private, nonprofit, and community leaders working on tough property challenges. The Academies are conducted by the Center for Community Progress.

In 2017, there are actually two VAD Academies: Indianapolis, Indiana (May 31 – June 1), and Hartford, Connecticut. The curriculum for each Academy is the same, and you are invited to attend whichever Academy is most convenient for you.

See registration website.

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