VIDEO: 50 years ago, this overgrazed area was an arid wasteland. Then one man came along and restored both water and biodiversity

Almost 50 years ago, fried chicken tycoon David Bamberger used his fortune to purchase 5,500 acres of overgrazed land in the Texas Hill Country.

Planting grasses to soak in rains and fill hillside aquifers, Bamberger devoted the rest of his life to restoring the degraded landscape.

Today, the land has been restored to its original habitat and boasts enormous biodiversity. Bamberger’s model of land stewardship is now being replicated across the region and he is considered to be a visionary in land management and water conservation.

Now, Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve teaches ethical land stewardship — by example and outreach. They offer seminars for landowners and serve as a research lab for botanists, zoologists, and other scientists. They provide hands-on science classes and nature camps for school children. Their public tours and workshops attract birdwatchers, photographers, and animal and plant enthusiasts.

Photo courtesy of Chris Johnson / Bamberger Ranch.

Watch 8-minute video.

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