VIDEO: A corridor blighted by bad traffic planning in Des Moines, Iowa is about to be revitalized by a long-overdue redesign

The southeast side of Des Moines, Iowa could finally be in for a major revitalization. The city wants to transform the area from blighted to beloved.

And it all starts with Southeast 14th — a heavily traveled road. The revitalization plan could also curb nasty and sometimes deadly crashes.

SE 14th Street is one of the busiest in the metro with more than 36,000 cars a day.

Now, the city is targeting a three-mile stretch from Army Post Road on the south to Park Avenue on the north, saying it’s time for some urban renewal.

I’ve talked about it. There’s slum and blight in that area that’s been there for years that we need to get a handle on,” said Des Moines City Council Member Joe Gatto.

Watch 1 1/2-minute news video.

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