VIDEO: Closed in 2012, a Baltimore steel plant is being cleaned & reborn as a $3 billion port

For more than 100 years, Bethlehem Steel was a core part of Maryland’s identity, until its Baltimore mill closed in 2012.

Today, Tradepoint Atlantic is transforming the site into a thriving port that will have a $3 billion economic impact. With help from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Tradepoint Atlantic has built a modern cargo hub that allows trains and ships to move goods worldwide.

The success of the project means the success of the surrounding community,” says Kerry Doyle, Tradepoint Atlantic’s Chief Commercial Officer. “That’s at the center of everything we’re doing here.

Revitalizing the site requires vision and commitment. Tradepoint Atlantic has cleaned up pollution, fixed the port and railways, and built millions of square feet of new facilities.

Watch 3-minute video.

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