Video Competition: Old Places Matter Because….?

The Preservation Leadership Forum wants to find out why old places matter to you.

Is it because old places help connect you to earlier generations? Because they feel authentic? Because they engage your senses and inspire you? Is it because you feel old places give back to the community? Inspired by a series of essays by Tom Mayes, we want to hear from you about old places that matter.

Tell us in a short, 30-second video — we’ll pick the top five to highlight in our social channels and feature at the PastForward 2015 conference in Washington, DC, this fall.

Be creative!  Here are the rules:

  • The phrase “Old places matter because….” should be mentioned in the video.
  • Videos must be no longer than 30 seconds in length.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube

Links to videos along with the attached use waiver must be submitted to no later than May 31, 2015.

See contest website & photo credit.

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