VIDEO: EDF’s new national program to restore monarch butterfly habitat on private land

Last year, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) members came together to donate over $100,000 to kick-start the restoration of critical milkweed habitat on private lands through EDF’s Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange.

In this heartwarming two-minute video, Amy and George Greer, owners of EDF’s first participating ranches, share how much this support has meant to them.

You’ll see video footage of the Greers, along with David Wolfe, EDF’s Director of Conservation Strategies, as they walk the land and identify ways to make their ranch more welcoming for monarch butterflies.

George and Amy couldn’t have undertaken such a big project without the support of folks like you, so we’ve provided a link to their donation page, in case the video inspires you to help out.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

See EDF Habitat Exchange website to make a donation.

Watch 2-minute video.

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