VIDEO: How the world’s largest remaining Victorian glass house was restored

The construction firm ISG faced a number of complex heritage challenges on its £24 million restoration of the Temperate House at the historic Kew Gardens in London, England.

A long period of deferred maintenance at the world’s largest remaining Victorian glass house produced vast amounts of structural deterioration. A report from the British government report said the luch-loved building was on the verge of being declared unsafe.

ISG removed and replaced 15,000 panes of glass, which weighed a total of 57 tons. They also removed all of the paint, the old heating system, flooring, pathways and steps.

The project used 120 miles of scaffolding, and some 69,000 items were tagged and logged in the process. Restoration began in the Spring of 2017, and was completed earlier this year.

Watch the 2-minute video.

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