VIDEO: Mexico City to expand its “lungs” with a new 70-acre wetlands park

After many yars of being trapped in litigation, the La Mexicana property in the Santa Fe colonia of Mexico City, Mexico will become a sustainable, 21st-Century park to benefit about 130 thousand neighborhoods residents. It’s expected to open in the first half of 2017, at a cost of about 1.5 billion pesos.

Parque La Mexicana will be built of 28 hectares of highly-danaged land. Its power will largely come from solar cells, and its water will come from recycled, treated sewage, further purified as it flows through 12,500 square meters of constructed wetland.

The park will feature a cycle path, a skatepark, sports courts, as well as open cultural areas and a pet area.

Watch 1-minute video of before-and-after images.

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