VIDEO: Regenerative agriculture restores fertility, profits and even fun to farming

Stoney Creek Farms is near Redwood Falls in southwest Minnesota.

They have switched from sustainable agriculture to regenerative agriculture, and the owners are very happy they did.

Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz ask why would anyone want to merely sustain our degraded farms, when they can restore them?

That was the same question asked in the first book to document the rise of regenerative (then called “restorative”) agriculture, REVITALIZATION publisher Storm Cunningham‘s groundbreaking The Restoration Economy (Berrett Koehler, 2002).

Dawn and Grant say the switch has restored their soil health, boosted their productivity and revitalized the profitability of their farm.

It has even rekindled the fun of farming.

Featured image is from the AgWeek video.

Watch 2-minute video.

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