VIDEO: Residents and university students are helping to define the revitalized future of this dead Sears store in Trotwood, Ohio

In Ohio, the Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation, or Trotwood CIC, purchased what used to be the Sears building in the former Salem Mall back in the fall of 2019.

Their original goal in purchasing it was to turn the space into a community-based market.

Now, Trotwood CIC is looking to Trotwood residents for their input on the space.

So having full control of it CIC has been embarking on a visioning process to get input from the city at large and residents. What is it we would like to see there,” said Trotwood CIC Executive Director Chad Downing.

In hopes of giving the space proper new life, Downing said he and his team are working with institutional partners in the region, along with a group of University of Dayton Senior Engineering students to create a survey.

Watch 2-minute news video.

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