VIDEO: Restoration of 2 iguana species on Cabritos Island, Dominican Republic

Cabritos Island is a 1,593 hectare island located within Lago Enriquillo, a saltwater lake forty-four meters below sea level in the western Dominican Republic.

The lake is the lowest point in the Caribbean and the largest lake in the insular Caribbean. The island is made up of ancient seabed; fossilized coral and seashells cover the ground in some places. The area is reputed to be the hottest and driest part of the country.

abritos Island is home to two species of iguana: the Critically Endangered Ricord’s Iguana and the Vulnerable Rhinoceros Iguana. Invasive species present on the island, including feral cats and burros, threaten iguana populations by eating their young, destroying iguana nests, and damaging critical habitat.

The removal of these invasive species will protect the iguana populations, particularly the Ricord’s Iguana, from the threat of extinction and will provide the opportunity for the island’s natural ecosystems to recover.

See Cabritos Island restoration project website.

Watch 4-minute video & see image credit.

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