VIDEO: RIDC is revitalizing SW Pennsylvania by putting new jobs into old buildings

Since the 1950’s, the mission of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania (RIDC) has been to catalyze and support economic growth and high quality job creation through real estate development and finance of projects that advance the public interest.

These days, much of those new jobs are going into vacant industrial buildings, some of them huge: millions of square feet.

Through public, private and institutional partnerships, RIDC develops real estate to ensure the region can capture emerging and existing growth opportunities across diverse industry sectors.

RIDC has developed industrial and business parks on greenfield and brownfield sites and currently has 11 parks.

Today, RIDC owns over 2,800 acres of land in various industrial parks and manages over 50 buildings. There are nearly 6,000 jobs in RIDC’s tenant facilities.

See RIDC website.

Watch 5-minute RIDC video.

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