VIDEO: See how name-calling is helping to restore and revitalize northern New Jersey’s highly-polluted lower Hackensack River

Sometimes, being called a bad name can be good for you.

That’s certainly the case in northern New Jersey, where the lower Hackensack River has just been called a federal Superfund site by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. This will make significant CERCLA funding available for its cleanup and restoration.

The following CBS news video says “New Jersey is getting some help in its efforts to revitalize the Hackensack River. Wednesday, the EPA named a portion of the river a superfund site, setting the stage for a large-scale cleanup. CBS2’s Kevin Rincon has more on what it took to secure this designation and what happens next.

Photo of Hackensack River restoration research crew courtesy of NJDEP.

Watch 2-minute news video.

Learn more about the cleanup effort.

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