VIDEO: See how this farmer and his daughter are transitioning a Delaware farm the size of Los Angeles to regenerative techniques

On October 17, 2023, Kiss The Ground, a California-based non-profit champion of regenerative agriculture, announced a new video.

It tells the bold and brave story of a curious farmer in Harrington, Delaware named TJ Schiff and his daughter Caroline began their mission to test regenerative agriculture on his commercial farm, which is the size of Los Angeles.

The film is the latest installment in our mini-docuseries, Stories of Regeneration, which highlights the compelling stories of influential figures in the regenerative movement and the obstacles they face.

TJ and Caroline’s story is unique as it’s not often that a farm this size is discussed in the regenerative space. Farms like TJ’s cover the majority of food production in our country making it quite possible that at some point in your life, you or your pet have eaten grains from TJ’s farm. Kiss The Ground hopes the video will inspire more mass-producing farms around the country to test and implement regenerative practices, which would improve our health, water, and climate.

Follow TJ and Caroline as they build a test plot to test regenerative practices on their multigenerational farm. They begin their journey to reshape the landscape, implementing innovative row-spacing and cover crops, and openly inviting their community to witness and engage in their progress.

Watch 9-minute video.

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