VIDEO: Texans creating “regenerative protein” by restoring degraded land with bison

Seventy miles outside of Austin, Texas, meat bar company EPIC Provisions is regenerating 450 acres of over-tilled land by doing something revolutionary: letting nature take its course.

On their website, EPIC says: “While ‘grass fed’ and ‘organic’ is generally synonymous with healthy and humanely raised animals, the EPIC team believes that these standards are only the beginning to a greater and more encompassing system that can create value and restore the land.

In our efforts to provide consumers with the healthiest snacks possible, we strive to source meat from ranchers that we deem EPIC. In particular, we get most excited about producers committed to holistic land management practices, such as those advocated by the Savory Institute and Joel Salatin.

See EPIC Provisions website.

Watch 3 1/2-minute Forbes Magazine video.

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