VIDEO: This Michigan land bank helps revitalize neighborhoods by making vacant land available to residents for gardening

As documented in the groundbreaking new book, RECONOMICS: The Path To Resilient Prosperity, land banks have traditionally focused far to heavily on demolition, and far too little on revitalization. It’s a “destroy it and they will come” mentality, similar to that of the “urban renewal” fiasco of the 20th century.

But some land banks think both holistically and creatively. This video shows how the Ingham County (Michigan) Land Bank’s Garden Program, anyone can rent a plot of land and use it to garden, farm their own food, or plant some flowers.

Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, organizers say they’re seeing some more interest than they’re used to. They have currently rented out over 200 of the available 800 plots.

Watch 3-minute news video.

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