VIDEO TRAILER: Here’s your chance to get a sneak peak at the new documentary “Saving The City: Remaking the American Metropolis”

Amid economic gyrations and continued concerns about equity and climate change, how do we ensure a better future for our cities?

Following decades of decline, most urban cores were celebrating almost 20 years of improvement, a transformation now at risk. How did we get here and what comes next?

Saving the City is a multi-part documentary series with related educational material asking and answering how can we make our cities better places for all?

The producers are seeking completion funding for our first two episodes, while producing a series of short films that can be seen on the Videos page.

After watching Saving the City, you will never look at cities the same way again!

Photo (by Storm Cunningham) show the newly-revitalized waterfront area of Washington, DC called The Wharf.

Watch trailer for Saving The City.

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