VIDEO – UNBROKEN GROUND: Restoring America’s grasslands, bison and biodiversity while revitalizing agricultural incomes

Readers of my first two books, The Restoration Economy (Berrett-Koehler, 2002) and Rewealth (McGraw-Hill, 2008), know of my love for the Wild Idea buffalo ranch in South Dakota. Dan O’Brien was one of the earliest practitioners of truly regenerative ranching in the United States.

Now, a new short film is loaded with information on regenerative agriculture and features Wild Idea’s owners, Dan & Jill O’Brien and their family, who share their management style and passion for restoring the prairie grasslands.

It’s too bad that soil is synonymous with dirt… because it’s not, it’s really gold,” says Dan.

Learn more about the regenerative work being done by farmers and ranchers in Patagonia Provisions’ short film “Unbroken Ground“.

Watch 25-minute video.

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