VIDEO UPDATE: Here are the latest tree-planting activities in the Americas from One Tree Planted

The Vermont-based organization, One Tree Planted, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we plant trees! We are a tree planting charity with a goal: to make it as simple as possible for anyone to plant trees. One dollar. One Tree.

For this month’s first reforestation update we’re wrapping up our 60,000 tree planting project that began planting last September in Brazil. We’re happy to report that this project directly contributes generating family income through agroforestry systems. The trees that were planted will generate fruits, seeds and annual crops used by community members.

Next up we are wrapping up a project in Haiti which planted 100,000 trees using an agroforestry based model. The locally-led development model focused on environmental restoration, economic empowerment, to effectively reverse poverty and deforestation. These program components enable farmers to thrive and live in a way that is conducive to protecting their land. This project has many benefits such as carbon sequestration, revitalizing the soil, promoting biodiversity, and improving water sources.

We have just begun planting in Guatemala as part of our 370,000 tree project that is restoring the southwest coast. The area has been impacted by illegal logging and deforestation but the mangrove restoration will become a productive, diverse, and complex forest in the years to come. To overcome challenges, One Tree Planted is supporting the community-based model of mangrove restoration all while ensuring the long-term growth and monitoring of the planted trees.

Finally, we explore our project in the Lake Tahoe, California area which has just begun and plans to plant 20,000 trees to reforest over 200 burned forests. Reforestation of these areas is essential to prevent erosion and it also creates habitat for a number of species, especially where fires burn so hot that no natural regeneration occurs. Planting will occur in the Tamarack fire scar, Caldor fire scar and other locations near Lake Tahoe.

Watch 4-minute video.

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