VIDEO: Webinar on restoring America’s fire-damaged western forests while making them more climate-resilient

In October of 2020, American Forests’ California State Director, Brittany Dyer, hosted a webinar about the wildfire crisis in California and other western states. She shared information about the many factors contributing to this unprecedented wildfire season, including decades of natural fire suppression, ongoing drought conditions, and climate change. She also presented potential solutions to bring our forests back into balance and reduce the incidence of mega-fires on the scale of what we have seen this year.

If you’ve been wondering what has led to these severe mega-fires, and what we can do to repair our forests, you will want to check out this recorded webinar.

American Forests is committed to working together to create the climate resilient forests of tomorrow. But we can’t meet the unprecedented challenges facing our forests without the help of our supporters and partners. Understanding the scope and scale of the challenges ahead is the first step to tackling them.

We hope this webinar will provide you the information you need to understand the complex issue of wildfire in the west and what we must do to bring our forests back into balance. And we hope that you will commit to joining us in this fight for the health and resilience of our forests!

Watch 1-hour recorded webinar.

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